Henky Christianto
CEO and Founder

An Indonesian professional photographer based in Jakarta, Henky Christianto has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the advertising photography industry by working with a diverse range of clients and businesses spanning more than 10 years.

Keeping up with the growth of the industry, Henky develop different views around photography. He immersed in 360 photography, 360 videography, virtual reality and commercial photography for people, automotive, and interior as well.

Martinus Danny
Creative Producer

With more than 12 year experience as a man behind the concept, he’s moving forward  into a production that making the idea become real. Has his hand in every element of project’s concept, development and execution to make sure that the idea delivered well.

Business Development

Jaquiline’s biggest passion is people. A genuine interest in meeting individuals, an easygoing personality, and considerable networking skills combined with the enthusiasm for new business opportunities make her the perfect fit to bridge communication between our creative team and clients.

Wisnu Tri Wardono
Photo and Video Editor

adverse his background previous jobs now wisnu becoming a editor for 360 photography and video in our team, Wisnu strives to create an approachable, memorable experience from the beginning to end.